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By MommyLife_RJ
When fellow mother Jenny R. posted here on the Mamazou blog how "Parenting is so much easier when I was raising my non-existent kids hypothetically," it elicited mixed emotions...
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By Mamazou & Anjana Bhartia
Anjana's parenting journey started a few years ago and she has opened up to us about her C-Section, postpartum depression, patience and parenting worries.  We really enjoyed interviewing her and look forward to sharing her story....

So, Anjana, how did your parenting journey start?
With the birth of my son IN 2015! LOL!!

What were your expectations?
I didn’t expect it to be easy, but didn’t think that it would be that hard also! The most surprising part was that my husband rose to the occasion so very well! He is an extremely hands on dad - and that helped!

How do you feel about those expectations now?
Well! It’s still hard...
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by Jade Anna Hughes
I’ve recently been doing a lot of writing about creating boundaries and teaching kids the importance of consent. During my research I have come across lots of advice on how to work on avoiding unhealthy relationships, and how to help our kids avoid them too...
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By Mamazou & Kayla Dene
We couldn't wait to connect with Kayla Dene.  This lovely lady who set up an artist collective (SLUSH) all about finding and living your passion soon followed by a Love Yourself Campaign, because let's face it, self love is hard.  Kayla's journey is beautiful and we can't wait to share it with you...
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By Claire Kirby
After the games have been played, the candles blown out, the presents given and the party bags dished out...                          

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