An Interview with Amanda R


Amanda is an Aussie based (award winning) vlogger with a twist… focusing on herself, raising her two kids and being a wife whilst being confined to a wheelchair.  We feel so blessed to have caught up with her…

How did your parenting journey start??
I was 21 years old when I found out on Mother’s Day 2008 I was pregnant, for the first time. Then with my second (last) I found out two days after Christmas 2015.

Whatwere your expectations?

Due to the fact I am physically disabled (I was born with Spina Bifida). I was told as a teen that I would never have biological children. So expectations weren’t that high I guess.. but I felt ever kick and tumble. It’s such a crazy but wonderful experience!!!

How do you feel about those expectations now?
Now, if I were to ever have more children, my expections are higher…. knowing I can carry them up until 35 weeks is such a blessing. [I actually gave birth to my daughter to 29 weeks].

What has been the easiest part (or parts)?
One of the easiest parts for me has been, the fact my kids get along so well!! After my daughter was an only child for almost 8yrs, I thought it would be a really hard adjustment… but she’s taking so well and I’m so proud. She loves him so much!!!

Where have you struggled the most?
The thing I struggle most with is just silly day to day things like bathing them, putting them to bed (due to my disability and being confined to a wheelchair).

Have you always felt supported?
The easiest answer is yes! BUT I wanted to prove to everyone I could do it on my own (with Hubby) and that I didn’t need outside support… and I mostly have!

What helps you get through the tough days?
?Things that help me get through the day, the love I have for my kids, the love they have for each other, and having the support of my husband when he gets home (even when he’s exhausted).

What makes you smile?
I love watching my eldest play and teach her little brother things, (he’s 18 months old) like hide and seek, how to draw pictures and how to pack up his toys.

Anything else you would like to say…
I was nominated by my husband for Barnardo’s Mother Of The Year (2016).. and I actually WON for my state (Tasmania). I’m so blessed and proud to have achieved this, as it has given me so many opportunities to get my story out there.. to show other women who may been in my situation, that you can have a “normal” life.
I love to show my support to all women/mothers and I believe we should have each other’s back, not judge each other.

Amanda is exceptionally inspiring and her journey can be followed over at Beyond My Limits.