Product Review: Why we love Piccolo Plates!


Anyone that knows my daughter knows that she is an exceptionally fussy eater.  In fact, feeding her has been one of my biggest challenges in motherhood so far.  The amount of time I’ve spent in the kitchen whizzing up the latest, well balanced, kid’s recipes and then watched her spit them out in disgust has happened more times than I can count on my fingers (times about a thousand).  It’s heart breaking.  Being a foodie myself, I always thought that my kid would be too.  Clearly not.

So when I’d heard about Piccolo Plates, I was excited but also a little skeptical about Hayley’s response.
Founded earlier this year by two flatmates, Els and Bels – Piccolo Plates provides a food delivery service specialising in homemade, wholesome and nutritional dishes across London.