Mamazou meets Mother Pukka – Interview


Meet one of our favourite vloggers, Anna
Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka, the legend.  She's all about
#notparentingtheshitoutoflife and we love everything she stands for.  Working as a journalist and editor, she's now building her own empire with The Urchin (her daughter Mae) and Papa Pukka as her sidekicks. 

1.  How did your vlogging journey begin?

I did a really rubbish video of me slapping make-up on in a see-through top and ended the video with ‘if your face looks rubbish just wear a sheer top to detract the eye’. It got a bit of traction on Facebook so I kept pressing buttons and decided to make a go of it. That’s when The Great British Fake-Off started… I realized I wanted to bake, but in reality I was probably gonna have to fake it.

2.  You go by the name Mother Pukka (an epic name by the way) – did it take a while to think it up?

The name came before anything else. I was literally sitting at my desk at Stylist Magazine trying to find some cool stuff to do with my kid and failing. I remember writing ‘Mother Pucker’ down first and then I thought, ‘hey Jamie Oliver, I’m taking ‘pukka’ now you think it’s too slang and stuff to use because you’re, like, really big now’. Cue Mother Pukka.

3.  Mae is famously known as the Urchin – who thought of that one and why?

Honestly don’t know and I don’t even like it. It’s just one of those weird things that sticks. I love a bit of Charles Dickens so maybe it came from there.

4.  What has been your favourite moment of your vlogging journey so far?

It was filming our latest vlogging series for Bugaboo. While it was totally exhausting, I got to hang out with my family in Hackney for money. That’s the job I want.

5.  Who has been the inspiration behind your vlog posts?

I come up with all the concepts. They’re not gonna change the world but if they make a mama laugh on that 3am breast feed when your nipples feel like bullets, my work here is done.

6.  Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

Clemmie Telford from @peckham_mamma and Steph Douglas from Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Love ‘em both in real life and on ‘t Internet. They’re really real if that’s correct English.

7.  You are the epitome of #parentingtheshitoutoflife and have become a great inspiration to so many mothers out there.  What's your one piece of advice for those about to start motherhood?

I’m more often #notparentingtheshitoutoflife but it’s about taking the rough with the smooth. Relinquish control over the stuff that doesn’t matter. So what if your pillow cases/ socks don’t match. Worrying might mean you miss an awesome moment where your kid works out ‘shadows’ or something for the first time. I spent a year over-sweating things and now realize the joy of letting some stuff go.

Mamazou says:  Yes, I did screw up royally and use the wrong hashtag there.  Ooops.

8.  You're becoming more famous by the day and inspiring so many (we're right behind cheering you on by the way)  What's next for Mother Pukka?  And of course Papa Pukka?

Gawd. Not sure about that, but I’ll take it – a mama’s gotta eat. I’m not looking for the big bucks, I just want to work for myself, with my kid and have enough money left over for a Smeg kettle. I’ve given up on the idea of a fridge, just aiming for the kettle. Once I’ve got that puppy, I shall feel complete.

Check out Mother Pukka's website here.