Top Rules to Teach Your Children About Texting


Most of us have invested in a smartphone for our kids, but have you ever thought of teaching your child text-iquette – or is your little darling the one going around with texting habits that make others break out in hives?

A recent study showed the top toe-curling traits the texters we all want to avoid share, with highlights including:

  • Ignoring people isn’t cool – 42% of people say that being left on ‘read; is the most annoying thing when it comes to texting.
  • Avoid Slang – Although 65% of people admit to using textspeak, 33% of people say that it annoys them
  • ‘K’ or ‘lol’ is annoying – One word replies are not very receptive as 30% of respondents agreed that it was one of their top texting annoyances.

If your child (or indeed you) are guilty of these behaviours, it’s not too late to mend your ways!

The do’s and don’ts of texting

Texting is one of the most popular ways of communication. It allows us to stay connected with all our friends, family and acquaintances no matter the time or distance in between. However, it’s still a new way of communicating, meaning that the line of what is acceptable and unacceptable might still be a bit obtuse for some of us.

Carphone Warehouse has conducted a survey with 1,000 respondents revealing what texting habits people consider annoying the most.

Don’t do this, unless you want to get blocked:

If you want to keep your friends, restrain yourself from doing any of the below when texting (although, just like our survey respondents, you’ve probably done at least one of them already):

  1. Being left on read – 2 in 5 people (42%) say that being left on read is the most unacceptable thing someone can do when texting, but 85% confess to doing it! Those blue ticks have broken more relationships than you can imagine!
  2. Replying within 24 hours – This is the second biggest annoyance with 35% of people confessing they don’t feel good when this happens. But, 88% of people have done it themselves.
  3. Using text speak or abbreviations – 33% of respondents say this annoys them – are we reading texts or hieroglyphs? Funnily enough, 65% of the respondents confessed doing this themselves.
  4. Replying with ‘K’ or ‘lol’ – Almost 1 in 3 people consider it annoying but 78% of people say they have done it themselves.
  5. Being added to a group text without warning– 14% of respondents claim this as an annoyance, but 50% confess to being the guilty Admin that leaves you with 500 messages on your ‘Summer Holidays’ chat.

Dating and texting: what is unacceptable and where the boundaries are

There is a fine line between what is ok to communicate via text message and what is completely unacceptable. Here is the list of what you shouldn’t do via text message when dating:

  • Breaking up – Although this is unacceptable for 62% of respondents, 28% confessed they have done it in the past.
  • Say ‘I love you’ for the first time – Clearly a notable moment in relationships, 44% of people felt it would be unacceptable to receive those magic words for the first time in a text. But, almost the same amount (43%) responded that they said ‘I love you’ for the first time via text message – is the romance gone?
  • Ghosting – Over 1 in 3 people don’t like to be ghosted but 47% have done it in the past (sounds like there’s some double standards going on here!). 

Mind your business and avoid texting your boss or colleague when…

Texting your work colleagues and even your boss depends on the type of relationship you have, but there are some things that can’t be communicated by text message:

  • Disciplining someone – Being told off is not a pleasant situation and 58% of people do think is unacceptable to receive a text message of this kind. However, 20% have told off their employees by text message.
  • Formally complain about a colleague – Although 18% of people have formally complained about their colleague via text, 55% of people feel this is not okay.
  • Call in sick – This is a more common practice, with almost half of people (53%) saying they do it but there is still 33% that consider this unacceptable texting behaviour. Perhaps a call is better next time?

To view the full list of things that people consider unacceptable by text, as well as some insight into the future of communicating by text, click here.