A Day in my Life…


Mumpreneur.  Sounds so fancy!  What does it mean to you? It is defined
as a woman who sets up her own business whilst looking after her
children.  Guess that’s what I am then!

I don’t know about you,
but before I became one of these, I thought running your own business
from home meant working long hours, stuck in a cluttered office, on the
phone most of the time, whilst simultaneously doing the laundry and
accidentally putting important papers into the boil wash.  I assumed it
would be dull, and involve boring meetings with business experts to put
together business plans and then travel lots to intensive training
courses to learn how to do everything you needed to do in order to run
the business.

How wrong was I?! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am
becoming adept at doing the laundry at the same time as working my
business, and I have been known to put important things in the washing
machine… BUT, working my Forever business is so much FUN.  Yes, fun!

involves using lush products which make me look and feel better, and
which my whole family can use.  It involves meeting friends for a cuppa
and a catch up, and telling them about these amazing products and how
they have changed my life.  And best of all the company has been
successfully growing for nearly 40 years, meaning I don’t have to
venture into a completely new business, which is untried and has no

Most days I watch recorded trainings – all by top
earners in Forever who share their expertise and knowledge, so we can be
the best we can be.  When I worked in the public sector, I had to
endure long, boring days sitting in a windowless room, watching tiresome
Powerpoint slides full of information which was meaningless to me.
Imagine being able to pop online and watch a 30 minute video about being
your best, whilst cooking dinner and indulging in a glass or two of
Drambuie? That’s what I do – and sometimes I even catch up on a training
whilst brushing my teeth and getting dressed.

I don’t think that would go down too well in the boardroom!!!

of all, I get to be with my girls in the morning, take them to school
and be there at the gates at 3:15pm.  And in the school holidays, or
when they are inevitably poorly, I can be with them.  We all know that
when children are ill, they need their mummy.  Fortunately I don’t have
to ring a boss and take unpaid leave to care for them, and face double
the workload when I return to the office. Because of the flexibility of
my business, I can work anywhere and at any time I choose.  Wifi and my
iPad help enormously with this!

I love what I do.  How many
people can say that?  But most importantly, for me, is the fact that I
can still be full time mummy to my little girls. It is possible to have
the best of both worlds – and I am proof of that. Mumpreneur I therefore
must be!

Sarah Regan is a full time mother two to her
gorgeous girls, Poppy and Daisy, who make her smile every single day
(and are also responsible for at least 99% of her grey hairs!).  She’s
also a business owner, wife, home-maker and hoarder of all things
pretty.  Sarah decided to set up her blog to rant a bit about life and
share her wisdom.  You can follow her blogging journey by clicking here
and she can also be found on Facebook.