CRAFTD – DIY Cacti Garden


Unfortunately for CRAFTD founder, Emilia, keeping plants alive is a bit
of a struggle. Even the cactus kind seem to die on her within a few
weeks. Alas, what is a girl to do!

The CRAFTD team have come up
with the perfect, no-care-required household plant for you and your mini
to create together. The best part (apart from not requiring any
watering!) is that you can make endless variations, in different shapes
and colours, and create a cacti garden as big or as little as you like.

What’s required?
 All you need is:
•    a sturdy cardboard box
•    sharp scissors
•    acrylic paint
•    foam sticker flowers
•    a pot
•    aluminium foil
•    white pebbles or white rice


Regular-shaped cactus
the outline of your cactus shape onto the cardboard. Cut out one, then
use it as a stencil and trace it onto the cardboard to make another
identical shape.

Once you have your two cactus, cut out a 2mm wide slit half way down one of the shapes.
On the other shape, cut a 2mm wide slit half way up the shape.

Paint the shapes on both sides and let dry.

should now be able to slide the two pieces together and they will lock
in the centre.  If one shape sticks out a little too much, make the slit
a little longer.

Add your foam flower stick (alternatively, you can make a small flower made out of tissue paper).

Circle-shaped cactus
a number of round circles of different shapes on your cardboard,
starting with quite a big one, then getting smaller and smaller. Cut
each one out.

Keep your biggest circle as your cactus base. Using
the remaining, smaller circles, cut a 2mm wide slit a short way down
each of the circles (it only needs to be a few millimetres long). These
represent the ‘connectors’.

Paint the shapes on both sides and let dry.

Slide (in any random fashion that you like) each of the smaller circles onto the base circle.
Add your foam flower stick (alternatively, you can make a small flower made out of tissue paper).

Potting your cacti

the majority of your pot up with scrunched aluminium foil, wrapping the
foil around the base of your cacti to make them stand up straight. If
you are using pebbles, these can also be used to help stabilise the
cacti in place as the weight will hold them in place. Scatter the
pebbles over the top of the foil. Alternatively, if you have no pebbles,
white rice is a great alternative. You can die the rice yellow using
vinegar and food colouring for added affect if you like!

TA DA! You’re done. Put on a shelf and enjoy your creation.