Product Review: Yellow Bean Learning – An Incredible Numeracy Resource


Recently launched in Australia, by primary school teacher, Yellow Bean Learning has set out to support the learning needs of children at home and at school.

After discovering them online and learning more about their mission, I knew that I would love their products before they even went on sale.  They currently offer two kits in their store.  The first is an early numeracy guide and and resource kit aimed at children aged 3 to 6.  The second is an early numeracy expansion guide for when children are ready to move on to more advanced games.

We were really thrilled and excited to test the Early Numeracy Guide and Resource Kit.  The products arrive in a Yellow Bean Dinosaur tote bag; which H immediately fell in love with.  She was so captivated by the “cute” dinosaur on the front that she quickly wanted to see what was enclosed.

Each item was taken out individually and studied carefully by the both of us.  We talked about dinosaurs and their eggs, numbers, counting, dice and cards.  

The kit includes:
– Dinosaur Cards
– Playing Cards
– 22 double sided counters
– Two 1 x 6 sided number dice (dot dice and sided number dice)
– One 10 sided number dice
– One 20 sided number dice
– 100s Chart
– 20 Polka dot cups
– Reversible number line to 10 and 30
– Reversible 10 and 20 frames
– Dice and Counters Storage box
– Yellow Bean Dinosaur Calico Carry Bag

The numeracy guide contains 36 numeracy games which was delivered via email.  The instructions are incredibly easy to comprehend and we quickly sat down and commenced our learning experience.

We haven't gone through each activity as Hayley is still a little young for some of them but her favourite games are: Lost Dinosaur Eggs, Tower Builder, Rolling Away and Counting Cups.  In addition to this, H has also introduced some of her own ideas and incorporated them into our learning time.