Meals Made Freezy


Who knew that frozen chopped onions were a thing?!  Mind blown.  Officially.  And then there’s the chilli’s, chopped garlic, ginger, herbs, mushrooms, squash etc.

As a busy parent constantly juggling between work and family, I’m all for learning about saving time in the kitchen whilst reducing wastage.  Thanks to Asda, I had the chance to do just that.  I had the pleasure of attending their #mealsmadefreezy cookery event led by their innovative chefs.  Over the course of the day, we learnt how to cook 4 meals using only frozen ingredients and whilst I was a little skeptical at first, my views changed pretty quickly.

You see, I always thought that cooking from frozen was a task that couldn’t be done.  Flavorless, less nutritious, more time consuming were all thoughts I’ve had.
I’m one of ‘those’ people who defrosts meat and chicken overnight in order to cook it the next day and spends hours in the kitchen trying to perfect a meal whilst the kid and husband moan about dinner not being ready yet!  Well not anymore people, not anymore…

The day started with welcome drinks – a smoothie (or 3) made with different frozen fruit and veggies, topped up with either coconut water or apple juice to make them smoother.  If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a good smoothie!  And the mango and pineapple was a huge hit for me.  It’s as simple as buying a bag of their smoothie mix and whizzing it around in a blender with a splash of apple juice.  Yum.

Mark and Andrew (Asda’s finest chefs) talked us through a cookery demonstration, showing us how to bring out flavor of dishes, cook the perfect steak (I like mine medium-rare but tend to annihilate it at home), mushrooms, pie and chicken bake… all from frozen produce!  Life changing stuff for all of us, I’m sure you’ll agree!

After the demo, it was then our turn to re-create these dishes and eat them for lunch – no pressure.
We were given the recipes and teamed up into two.  I was partnered with the lovely Carly, (co-founder of Keep Em Quiet aka my neighbor and off the pixel’s friend)!

Between us we cooked:
–    Chicken, Ham & Sweet Potato Pie
–    One Pot Spanish Chicken Bake
–    Grilled Sea Bass with Italian Squash, Chilli and Garlic Dressing

The recipes were super easy to follow and I want to repeat – all these ingredients were FROZEN!  However, you’d never know. The aromas whilst cooking left me salivating well ahead of lunch time and as I’m typing this up, I’m already dreaming about re-creating the Grilled Sea Bass for dinner tonight and thanks to Asda you’ll be able to too as they’ve very kindly shared their recipes with us!


For more information on Asda’s Meal’s Made Easy Range, click here.