A conversation with Johanna Rossi, Founder of Raising Women


This week we were fortunate enough to meet the lovely Johanna, founder of Raising Women – a community reaching out to all mum's on a mission.  Raising women is all about helping women find their path whilst being inspired by like-minded ladies along the way.  Whilst Raising Women is only in the first month of business, it is going from strength to strength and we have loved being a part of the journey so far.

1.  Tell us about Raising Women

Raising Women is a connected and and supportive community helping women balance motherhood and becoming who they were meant to be. I’m creating a COMMUNITY, launching PODCASTS and will be continuing to COACH my amazing clients.

The community is going to be built on women sharing personal written stories of self discovery through motherhood which will be posted every fortnight on the website, I have also created a Facebook group where women in the community can connect. 

On the podcast I interview the women behind the stories and find out more about their businesses and how they balance motherhood with being a mumpreneur.

Through my coaching I work with women who either want to start their journey of self discovery and would like support, or with women who already have a business and need help finding balance. 

Raising Women is also about giving back, I created a T-Shirt collection for women in the community to wear as a sign of support, 5 euros from every women’s tee and 3 euros from every girl’s tee will be donated to Care International UK. I have many many goals for my business, but my immediate goals are to build the community and connect and support as many like minded mamas as possible.