Top tips for booking your first babysitter


For many parents, booking a babysitter for the first time can feel like a big decision. Many of us put it off for a long time, or still haven’t gotten round to it, and the end result is often a loss of our social lives, damage to our careers and the simple ability to take care of ourselves that little bit better.

Our kids are the most important things in the world to us – and while we love spending time with them, getting some more time to ourselves is hugely important.

It’s one of the main reasons we set bubble up. We wanted to give parents like us back some “Me Time” and we’re so pleased to see thousands of mums and dads now tapping into the app every day to call in for some help.

We know though that there are still many out there not quite ready to take the plunge so we thought we’d share some of the tactics we see other parents on the app using, in order to help get themselves  – and their kids – comfortable with a sitter.

1.  They book them whilst their home
Having a sitter come round to lend a hand whilst your at home is a fantastic way to get comfortable with them whilst giving yourself some much needed and deserved “time off”. Whether it’s some time to have a relaxing bath, a lie-in on the weekends or some help at those frantic dinner and bath times, getting a bubbly and experienced sitter over to entertain your kids while you indulge in some R&R is a little luxury you fully deserve.

2. They book them a bit early
Lots of parents ask their babysitters to come over an hour early before they actually need to leave the house. This gives them plenty of time to relay any instructions and crucially, it allows their kids to get to know the sitter before mummy and daddy need to go. A great sitter will engage your kids from the off to the point that they’ll be begging you to “leave already!”.

3. They do a meet-up
If you’re thinking of using a babysitter for a future date, why not ask them to meet up somewhere local for a coffee so that you can get to know each other a bit? Babysitters are totally used to this type of request and they see it as their job to settle the nerves of prospective parents. It’s a great way for you to get to know the sitter better and ensure you ‘click’ before using them for ‘real’.

4. They keep it brief and local
Babysitters are not just for Saturday nights. Booking a sitter for a couple of hours while you pop down the road for a haircut or a yoga class means you can get home quickly if for example your baby wakes up and won’t settle. It also means that all of a sudden, you can start doing the simple things again – the types of things we all took for granted before our kids came along. And the type of things that play no small part, in helping us feel calm, happy and ourselves.

5. They ask their friends what they think
The best babysitters are those that come personally recommended from the people you trust. bubble’s app lets you see the friends you have in common with a babysitter as well as any reviews they’ve got from other local parents. If you’ve seen a sitter you like the look of, use the app’s messaging tools to get more information on them from other parents around you who’ve used them. Knowing that they’ve done a fab job for other parents’ kids is a great way of settling any nerves and being confident that they’re the right sitter for you.

Ready to give it a go?
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