Product Review: Modalu Handbags


Let's face it, when you use the same bag over and over again you become accustomed to it.  As a mother, a changing bag is a vital accessory.  I ended up using mine for 2 years, even after H was toilet trained, I still found myself schlepping it around and filling it with a change of clothes, toilet seat, toys etc just in case of emergency.

So when my friend asked me recently why I still carry it around even though I never need anything from there, I knew something had to change!  I was toying with the idea of going back to my pre-baby handbag days but decided I deserved something new.   Something that would be small enough to carry every day and not appear bulky but big enough to carry a change of clothes, a few toys, colours, some wipes, my wallet and all the other stuff I throw into it.

It was around this time that Modalu got in touch with me to write a review on one of their handbags.  Did you know Pippa Middleton carries them!?  Having looked on their website, I was spoilt for choice with variety – I wanted them all.  The styles they offer are simplistic, versatile, beautifully designed and most importantly affordable!   I was immediately impressed.  After sending a few pictures to my sister aka my personal stylist I had a winner. 

I chose the Jasmine Small Grab bag which is crafted in black leather and textile.  It also came with a black shoulder strap, a huge plus when handling a little one!  I was worried about the quality of the bag as like I mentioned previously, their prices are lower than most but I was impressed. 
I've carried my Modalu bag for the best part of 3 weeks now and absolutely love it.  It looks good with any outfit, day and night and as a result, I've received many compliments.  The bag may appear small, but don't let its size deceive you.  It still holds all my necessities (and that does include items to keep my toddler busy).  I've already got my eye on the next one! 

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