Product Review: TantrumXYZ milestones cards by Emilie Shaw


When I heard TantrumXYZ had created a range of free baby milestone cards I had to give them a go. I had been looking for some nice milestone cards to buy. Well, when I say looking, I just had it at the back of my mind; on that eternal to-do list which also includes ‘sort out mobile phone storage’ and ‘update laptop software’.

Because I saw other people post photos of their babies reaching two weeks or six months old and, although I liked the idea, the cards I came across were (in my opinion) a bit rubbish in a one-size-fits all, quite badly-designed way. I sometimes improvised with a piece of paper and a pen, but basically lost track and forgot about it. And I’m hardly Kikki K anyway.

But TantrumXYZ have teamed up with Gilles & Cecilie Studio, a design house which has worked with Moleskine and Paul Smith, among others, to create a range of sweet, quirky cards which I was much happier to put out, not only on my family WhatsApp group, but also on my own Instagram feed (although they’re in ‘rectangle’ format rather than square).

The online tool is on their website and gives you a decent choice of designs and milestones. I loved the ‘milk drunk’ card but Oliver is too old for that one now, sadly. The colour scheme is navy, orange, pink and yellow, which is gender-neutral and much less gaudy than the milestone cards I had seen previously. There are some monochrome ones too, which is a proper trend for kidswear and interiors at the moment.