Meet Clio from &Breathe Postnatal Retreats


After having her first child, Clio went on a mission to set up the perfect first family holiday for sleep deprived parents.  &Breathe runs family retreats in France helping new parents to get fit, eat well and feel good with little one in tow.
We were fortunate enough to catch up with her…

1.  Tell us about &Breathe Postnatal
&Breathe is a family wellbeing company, we re-boot new parents with baby in tow.  We run retreats in SW France and events and shorter retreats here in the UK helping new mums and dads get fit, eat well and feel good post-baby – all with built-in childcare.

2.  What inspired you to start up your company?
I had my daughter, Delphi, in 2014 and I was looking for a family retreat where I could bring my little one and husband and spend time as a family, adjusting to the new dynamic, and also spend time on myself, releasing some endorphins and getting back to me.  I couldn’t find it, so I decided to set up &Breathe!

3.  How did you come up with the name and your slogan?

We’re all about helping new parents come up for air, slow down and re-connect as a new gang of three and find some time for themselves to breathe…so much of yourself as a person goes out the window in the chaotic first few months of parenthood, and &Breathe seemed the perfect choice to help people through this!

4.  How do you balance your work/home life?
It’s tough.  Because I founded work (&Breathe) due to the changes in my life (my daughter) they’re inherently tied up with each other, but once I made the decision to try to separate my time and schedule better, things really started to fly.  I reached out for more childcare and help from our parents in order to dedicate time to the business properly.  Delphi is now in nursery two mornings a week, has a nanny two mornings and my mum looks after her one day a week.  She also naps like a trooper which means I can get a couple of hours work done in the afternoons too.

5.  What made you launch your retreats in France before the UK?
We have our own rambling country pile in France ( which, since we had our daughter is fully equipped for babies and toddlers, so it was the perfect place to launch the retreats.  We also have tonnes of space for the exercise part, and our grounds and the size of the house mean everyone gets their own space too.

6.  What can a mother expect on a retreat?

We’re all about dads too, but mums will get the bulk of me-time, as their bodies have been through the most!  We have twice daily exercise sessions (with a whole range of awesome classes from barre, to pilates, HIIT to aquarobics and Bounce with Baby).  There’s an all important rest day on Wednesday when dads get sweaty and everyone gets a personal training session too.  Food is delicious, healthy and achievable, with plenty of treats and there’s a massage for everyone too.  It’s really about concentrating on yourself for once and giving yourself a bit of a break!