Many roles our kids play – wonderful blessings!


    As a mom of two kids—correction, as a mom of two energy bundles moving around as toddlers at home—I should say I am more than busy to stop and reflect at what is happening around me.

    I am often overwhelmed with all the work that is involved on a day-to-day basis in raising my children. Sometimes it feels like all I do is work and I do not even have the time to stop and enjoy what my kids are doing or cuddle them like crazy.

    Then suddenly there are some moments filled with such wonder that I really lose myself in them feeling blessed for being the mother of my precious babies. I would like to share some of those wonderful moments with you here.

    Smart Little Man

    Me: “Okay son, after finishing this work, I will take you out for a walk.”

    My one-year-old: Toddles fast to the shoe stand, chooses his own pair of shoes from all the pairs on the stand and then picks my pair of shoes correctly to my amazement and is all set to go.

    Little Helper

    I was vacuuming the carpet one day.

    My one-year-old: Picked up a stray bit of paper and beelined to the trash can and dropped it there. I was surprised that he observed and remembered what we do when we pick up trash from the floor.

    The Detective

    My son was sleeping, so I silently went out of the room to work in the kitchen after asking my aunt to sit near the baby.

    My one-year-old: Probed around for me, found my aunt, touched her hands and realized that it was not me and started crying. Even in sleep, the kid is a Sherlock Holmes!

    The Problem-Solver

    A few days just before my son was born, we planned a picnic at the Central Park. I was discussing it with some friends at home and we found that the park would be crowded on that day because of a festival. My daughter, who was about two years old at that time was playing with another kid in the same room as us.

    Me: “Ammu, the park will be crowded tomorrow. I am afraid we cannot go to the park for our picnic.”

    My two-year-old: “Mommy, shall we go to another park instead of Central Park?”

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that she did not get upset and even found a solution to the problem.

    The Sweetheart

    I forgot to have lunch one day as I was very busy and naturally became a little dull in the afternoon when it was time for my daughter to return from preschool.

    My three-year-old: “Why are you sad, mommy?” Then she kissed me and asked, “Do you feel better now?”

    I think she gave me a lot of energy with her kiss, I would have really run a whole marathon 🙂

    The Comforter

    One day, I was telling my husband that I needed to visit my doctor and that I did not want to go.

    My three-year-old: “I will take you to visit the doctor, mommy. Don't worry, I will hold your hand the whole time.”

    It was wonderful to see that she was so empathetic.

    I am sure that you as a parent also have such cute moments and stories filled with awe in your lives too. Like the Star Wars quote, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” says, children have such fascinating thoughts in their little minds.

    As the second child in my family of four children, I often used to wonder how my mom managed to turn all of us into well-educated, well-mannered individuals. She really did it all by herself with little help from my ever-traveling-on-the-job father.

    Now I have the same wonder at how my two little babies are taking so well to the world around them.

    I sincerely feel that we are all wonderful from within, by birth 😉 We lose that knowledge as life happens. But we keep encountering it in all forms when we look at our wise parents or our angelic kids. Do you agree?

    Priyadarshini is a happy mom of two wonderful kids, and a travel writer living in California, USA. When she’s not writing, Priya can be found with her nose in a great book or discovering yummy vegetarian food.

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