An Interview with Sasha Ticali


Sasha is a full time, stay at home mom and blogger.  She’s married to her husband Nick and has 2 gorgeous little boys, Alexander, 2 and Lucas, born in November 2017.  We were fortunate to cross paths with her and recently interviewed her parenting journey.  She talks to us about self doubt, postpartum depression, parenting struggles and love.  We loved getting to know Sasha and are excited to share her journey with you.   

How did your parenting journey start?

My parenting journey began when we found out we were pregnant with our first, back in 2015! We had some scares, we were definitely nervous and very cautious! We got lucky and just had our second this past November 2017!

What were your expectations?
I expected it to be like the movies! I also expected to be very “all over the place” with my emotions and I definitely anticipated a lot of brownies. I also expected to be able to complete a pregnancy journal! I was working with toddlers when I found out I was pregnant and had all of these ideas of what kind of parent I would be, what I would and wouldn’t do as a parent, etc. I really thought I had it all figured out!

How do you feel about those expectations now?
I giggle because as much as I loved the brownies, I definitely did not have nearly as many cravings as people made it seem I would. As prepared as I thought I was to deal with my own, I was so very wrong. I expected to have a toddler but I didn’t expect all that my own toddler would send me to the corner after wanting to eat the food he stole from me. Nor did I anticipate being so hands off and unscheduled. I was silly for sure.

What has been the easiest part (or parts)?
The easiest part(s) of parenting are definitely how quickly you fall in love and how much little moments will mean to you. Loving someone so unconditionally is probably the easiest thing I have ever encountered through this journey. Watching them grow comes in a close second – because that is also very hard at times too!

Where have you struggled the most?

The biggest struggle I have had is with myself – self doubt is a monster. Postpartum depression and anxiety are things that I didn’t expect to deal and struggle with and it took me a long time to seek out help. Even having a second son, I find myself struggling with being confident in myself as a person and as a mom and feeling like I am the best mom for them.

I wouldn’t change it because I am still learning and I am still growing but it is definitely something I would absolutely say has been the biggest struggle and one that I would hate and DO hate seeing other moms going through.

Have you always felt supported?
Absolutely. My husband, my parents, my sisters and my friends have been such amazing beings in my life. They’ve been able to step in when I needed help, support me during my hardest moments, enjoy the beautiful times and help raise these two precious souls I have been blessed with.

What helps you get through the tough days?
THE GIGGLES! Goodness! Some days I want to say a nice glass of wine or an hour of peace but in all honesty it would definitely be the giggles or the biggest bear hug they can manage. At the end of the day, those mean more and do more than any spa day or moscato can do!

What makes you smile?
Seeing them learn and grow. Watching their interests fly and watching them see something for the first time. It’s seeing them enjoy themselves with the simplest items or the silliest activity ever. Oh! And hearing “I love you” or the word “mommy” –  I will never not smile.

Sasha blogs over at Oh Sash and can also be followed on IG and FB.  She has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and when she isn’t working with children she volunteers as an Ambassador for MomCo Moms – an organization that hosts play dates and Mom Mingles to bring moms closer! She enjoys cooking, reading, writing and dancing.

Cover Photo Cred: Kristin Micari