Product Review – Trunkaroo: A Subscription box with a difference


Trunkaroo is a brand new monthly subscription box for kids aged 3-8 which offers a wonderful range of smart, fun and hands-on art and STEM-based projects. They have just launched and Hayley and I are very excited to let you know what we thought of our first box.

So, rewinding back to last week, the weather wasn’t great (hardly a surprise for London!) and we’d started running out of things to do.  H was increasingly frustrated as she was determined to go out and ride her bike (in the pouring rain).  Oh, and I must add that she doesn’t actually know how to ride her bike.  Yet.  We baked, we painted, we even made a tent – complete with a somewhat musical interlude and tidy up session – all before 10am.  But guess what happened then?  A miracle.  Yes, a knock at the door revealed our postman, with a very special delivery, just for us.

It was a Trunakroo box. Beautifully packaged and with obvious care, thought and detail going into the gorgeous presentation, Hayley had a  lot of fun inspecting the items and cooing over each one. Inside the box were two projects with step by step instructions, the materials needed for each project, a messy mat, a magazine full of activities and experiments, a reward sticker and a fun badge-creating kit. This month’s topic was Curious Colours and the introductory leaflet was attractively designed, colourful, bright and easy to follow. Plus, it also highlighted what types of skills the Trunkaroo projects encourage, such as communication, gross motor development, social interaction and fine motor development.

The first project was to create rainbow butterflies out of crepe paper. H chose her colours carefully, and wanted to draw some dots and lines; I then helped her to spray water on to them. We had a very sweet conversation about how the ink was bleeding, and together watched the colours begin to merge. It was fantastic to chat about what we were doing, and how the project was developing – right before our eyes! I could see that Hayley was curious, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a real pleasure to behold in your little one.  We then moved on to butterfly number two and ended up with four in total.  Hayley had become a bit of a whizz and enjoyed explaining all about the colour transitions when they were mixed together. Once finished, we left them to dry before sticking the eyes onto our little butterfly family.

Not long after, we began work on our second project: creating spinning tops.  We coloured the tops (consisting of thick round card) and started to assemble them.  I spun them around whilst admiring the colours, but H found it a little tricky to copy me!  I think she had more fun watching me spin them as she showed Monkey what we were up to. Needless to say, Monkey was suitably impressed.