About Us

Welcome to Mamazou. We are a small but mighty community dedicated to supporting all parents. It’s that simple. I decided to set up Mamazou for two reasons. Firstly, I was inspired by the emerging crowd of mums and dads rejecting ‘one size fits all’ parenting and secondly, I had some pretty terrifying experiences on other parenting forums that left me feeling isolated and judged. We don’t do any of that here. Instead, Mamazou celebrates all parents as we navigate this crazy journey we call parenthood in the best way we know how. We are about offering advice without the side helping of judgement. Mamazou is a safe social space born from the rise of the sisterhood, the motherhood, the parenthood.

As parents, we are all in this together so here at Mamazou we preach positive vibes and tolerance. We work really hard to make sure that Mamazou is carefully moderated ensuring that all parent members feel safe to share and seek advice. If we miss something though, please let us know.

We also want to be your first stop for the best content out there so we’ve worked really hard to get the best parent bloggers, instamums and influencers out there on board to write articles that we hope you find amusing, helpful and moving in equal measure. Whether you’re looking for cool crafts, parenting hacks, recipe ideas or just something funny to read, Mamazou will always have something to offer.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for our amazing deals, discount codes, giveaways and offers for some of the best brands and companies out there, especially those independent brands started by parents for parents (we love to support the mumpreneurs and dadpreneurs building their empires).

Love & Best Wishes,
Jenny R x