An Interview with Lyndsay


Lyndsay’s story is really quite remarkable as she didn’t know she was pregnant until just 5 hours before she gave birth.  I loved interviewing her and hope that you enjoy her story too 🙂 

How did your parenting journey start?
My parenting journey started on a Spring night in May and I had just tried to get some sleep when a nagging pain shot down my spine and I couldn’t get comfortable. I tossed and turned until my mum came to check on me ( I was staying there for the night ) and by that point I was in agony. I told her it felt like appendicitis and we quickly managed to get a taxi to the hospital, where I was asked a number of questions and was unable to answer them as I was in that much pain. It was then that I was wheeled down to the delivery suite ( at the time I didn’t know what this room was, I just thought it was a side room to be checked over further ) and the most lovely midwife greeted me. I kept telling her I wasn’t pregnant and that this was all a big fuss, and it was only confirmed when the heart monitor was strapped to me and there was a pounding heartbeat filling the room. I asked her if this was my heartbeat only to be told “no, that’s your babies heartbeat” and that’s exactly how my parenting journey started! She was delivered 5 hours later with only gas and air and completely healthy, she had been settled into my back and I had a very low lying placenta which meant I didn’t feel any movement at all. She’s our little surprise miracle baby, and our parenting journey started with her being given to us and our whole world changed.

What were your expectations?
As we sat there with a surprise newborn in our arms we had so many expectations racing through our heads, with so much worry but so much excitement too. My other half was expecting our lives to change and they did in the best way possible. Our other expectations were that all of our plans would come to a halt and sadly they did but we got so much more in place of it. We had a beautiful baby daughter and she was our expectation now and it was so exciting.

How do you feel about those expectations now?
Our lives have still changed, date nights are very sparse but our time together in the evenings is just as good, and we still have so many plans ( we get married next year ) and our dreams are coming into reality now as I’ve recently opened my small business. We don’t let being parents halt our dreams because we believe we still need to have a future and dreams, you should never give up on them.

What has been the easiest part (or parts)?
I think the easiest part has been coming more together as a family, I love family time and any chance to get everyone together is lovely for us. I like to say team work too, me and my husband to be like to work as a team together and we are always fair. We are also big geeks at heart and introducing our little girl to everything we love has been so easy too! She is also a big foodie like us, so that’s always a plus.

Where have you struggled the most?
Me and my other half have always loved our sleep! Before we had our daughter we would stay and laze in bed until late morning and only then we would absolutely love nothing more than lazy days. The long nights hit us the hardest, and we still struggle now and she’s almost 3! It actually hurt us with the exhaustion, but now we seem to have it down to perfection with alternating lay in on a weekend.

Have you always felt supported?
We have an amazing family unit around us, both of us have always been close to our parents and they have been nothing more than amazing. When our surprise arrived we had nothing, not even a onesie to put on her, and by late afternoon on the Tuesday we had absolutely everything we could ever need piled up high at home. This wasn’t just our parents, it was everyone we knew and even people we didn’t know! It made us so emotional and so very thankful, we felt so loved. Ever since then we’ve had nothing but support and we have our biggest cheerleaders in the form of our parents, always offering us help or advice whenever we needed it.

What helps you get through the tough days?
My small business! I lost myself a little last year and I figured it was because I lost identity and only focused on being a mum. I then set up my baking business that I’ve always wanted to do but always felt held back, but when times are tough I do some work and slip into my own world.

What makes you smile?
Having a family around me and being so thankful that this little miracle was given to us, she’s such a loveable 2 year old with a personality to boot. Trust me, she does drive us a little crazy and some days are more exhausting than others, but when she flashes you that cheeky smile it all seems worth it.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes! My other half has written a detailed book of our faithful night when our daughter was born that has been released on Amazon – you can purchase it by clicking here.

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