Be Kind To Yourself


Be kind to yourself when you try a new pair of jeans on: we all know sizes differ between brands.

Be kind to yourself when you yell too much: tomorrow will be a calmer day.

Be kind to yourself when you want to smoke a packet of cigarettes while downing a bottle of Powers: you know it’s a coping technique that you don’t resort to anymore.

Be kind to yourself when you stand under the shower and silently scream: it’s a healthier outlet than the one listed above.

Be kind to yourself when your eyes well up in tears of frustration because Amazon messed up your order again: it’s OK to cry.

Be kind to yourself when you eat too much chocolate: if you don’t eat it the kids will anyway and their teeth need preserving more than yours.

Be kind to yourself when you receive yet another rejection email, or an article riddled with edits: this is what editors do.

Be kind to yourself when you dream of a moment of silence: we all need those moments to fully breathe.

Be kind to yourself when you feel so much love that you feel completely overwhelmed: the kids will draw on the wall again in a few seconds.

Be kind to yourself, but be strong too, push through the negative self-depreciative thoughts, and remember what is important to you.

Be kind, be true, be real.

Be kind to the person who judges too fast: they will one day find themselves being judged too, and will understand how it feels.

Be kind to those who are still searching for themselves: we have all been there and will probably be there again.

Be kind to the people who pretend you don’t exist: you don’t need them anyway, and kindness will turn their insides out.

But always stand up for your rights, your freedom, your love, and your life: no one has the right to take your existence away from you.

Be kind to you, be true to you, be real to you.