I kiss my child on the lips, so what?! By Vicki Moore
I sometimes wonder why people bother having the internet, why they read the paper or watch the news. When they are only going to be a pain in the arse and get offended by what seems like everything in the whole bloody world.

I am in shock that the original celeb mama Queen V faced backlash over posting a photo of kissing her daughter on the lips. So let’s just re-examine this, she kissed HER daughter on the lips. She is HER mother; she can kiss her where she pleases! If you want to call social services now, I sometimes kiss my son on the bottom after he has had a bath. I also shock horror KISS HIM ON THE LIPS!

So does this make me a bad mother? An inappropriate mother for doing this? Is Victoria Beckham a bad mother for posting this cute snap of her and her daughter?

Of course she isn’t, surely we should be grateful that she is willing to share an insight of her life with us? That it looks like Harper is being loved and has the full attention of her mother. Blimey, I am completely offended on all levels here that an actual mother would want to show her child some affection. I mean how very dare she.

I don’t understand why people find this ‘inappropriate’, and my favourite, that it had lesbian undertones? That you are only supposed to kiss your husband or partner on the lips.

When I became a mother I was not given the social etiquette of kissing your child manual, were you?
I was not aware there were rules of what was deemed as acceptable affection to give your child. Or should we not bother? We won’t cuddle them when they wake in the night, we won’t comfort them when they are ill and we most certainly will not kiss them (and most certainly not on the lips) when we drop them off at school. Let’s make them feel undervalued, give them self-esteem and confidence problems and feel like they aren’t loved. As someone whose mother didn’t give her affection I can concur this is exactly how they will feel.

I do my upmost to make my son feel loved, valued and cared for every single day. I kiss him, I cuddle him, I let him come and sleep in my bed if he wants to. I want him to know that his mother always loved him and will be there for him, no matter what.

My child had to have an operation, a huge operation, one of the biggest you can have. I didn’t know if he would survive. I will never shake the regret I felt of not being able to kiss and say goodbye as he went down to theatre. So I make it up to him every day by kissing him, on the head, on his face and ON HIS LIPS. Is this sexually inappropriate as he is a little boy?That I also kiss my partner on the lips? Of course it isn’t, get a grip people. My son also has a bath with me, and sometimes his Dad. We are all naked in the bath. I know, its despicable isn’t it?! 

I will let you into a little secret, sometimes my Nan kisses me on the lips, I am 26 and she is 72. I can advise that there are no lesbian undertones here, and I do not fancy my nan. We are family, and we love each other.

With everything happening in the world today, with the horrors, the death, the violence I love that some people could not see the good in a photo of a mother and daughter sharing a loving bond. I think this goes to show what sort of people these are. I would perhaps suggest they should shun the internet and the media and go and live in a commune on an island with no other people on it. Just in case they get offended again best not have any animals either, I mean my cats lick each other, this could be deemed as sexually inappropriate.

I wish people would go to so much effort to actually do some good in the world rather than waste energy on a completely pointless argument. Victoria Beckham isn’t coming to kiss your child on the lips, she isn’t even coming to kiss you. She isn’t making you kiss your child on the lips if that’s how you really feel, so why are you attacking her for her parenting choices and ability. To me she looks like she has it pretty sussed, she is showering her child with love. Children are starving living in refugee camps, people are fleeing for their lives in war torn countries. People are shooting one another. Can we all not just re-evaluate what is truly important in the world and try and make it a better place? One that is full of love and kindness.

The next generation with follow our footsteps, I for one will be doing everything I can to make my child learn to be accepting, understanding and he will know his mother loved him. I know, I know, what a terrible mother I am. I am now off to kiss my child ON THE LIPS and tell him I love him.

Vicki blogs on Confessions of a NICU Mum.  Her blog was set up to confess honestly on what it's like to have a baby in NICU and for them to have open heart surgery at 6 months.  Vicki wanted people in the same situation not to feel alone or be ashamed of how they are feeling.  Also just for others to relate to the highs and lows of raising a toddler!
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