Chocolate AMAZEBALLS – The Ultimate Healthy Snack


    As some of you may know I’ve recently started to change my diet and become healthy! Along the way I’m trying out some recipes and giving them a twist by making them my own. One thing I wanted to try desperately was “Amazeballs” when I saw them at the counter of Selfridges. Here’s my recipe:

    1.5 cups of walnuts
    1 cup of desicated coconut (I used the unsweetened packet)
    9 medjool dates – pitted and cut into small pieces
    ¼ cup raw cacao powder
    2 tablespoons of coconut oil

    Put all ingredients apart from coconut oil into a food processor and run for a few minutes, until the mix starts to look like crumbs sticking together.
    Add coconut oil and then pulse again until the mixture sticks together a little more.

    Roll mixture into small balls.

    You can either serve them straight away or store them in a freezer until ready to eat. I have to say, eating them straight from the freezer is divine!