In the last month there have been two upsetting articles on child sexual abuse and grooming that have been posted on the site, one of which I think was meant to be posted as a discussion. As sad as it is to say, you may think that grooming isn't something you need to worry about but in reality, it is. Whilst I'm unaware of who these posts are by, I just want to thank you both for feeling that you can open up on here and reach out for support by members of this community. Your posts a... Read more
A message from the Children's Society:
I am so sorry to hear about what you experienced as a young person. Although you do not give any specific details, your post suggest that you were the victim of childhood abuse, and your description of grooming certainly fits the definition. You mention feelings of shame and suggest you may have been old enough to know better, however, it is important for you to know that this was not your fault. No child should ever experience this, and it must have t... Read more
A message from the NSPCC:
The issues raised in the post by the individual are concerning and what they describe could be defined as grooming. This person is likely to need ongoing emotional support and it may be beneficial for them if you could signpost them in the direction of the NSPCC.

They can contact us directly, via phone or email, and discuss what happened to them with a trained practitioner completely anonymously. We can talk through their options and help them to come to a decision... Read more
A message from Stop It Now:
It is difficult giving accurate advice via email as there is an element of ‘reading between the lines’ and therefore I would like you to encourage this person to call our confidential Helpline as we would be more able to answer concerns and questions if we have some additional information. All our operators are fully trained with a wealth of child protection experience and will be able to provide guidance, support and resources.

I would also like them to have... Read more
If you are in the US here is a great resource too:

Remember: it is never, ever too late to talk about abuse, or reach out for help, even if it is anonymous.
It's great that those who wrote the posts felt they had an outlet here. Haven't read the articles will do when I get the chance, every parents worst nightmare.
I think we should also maybe reach out to communities or charities that can help educate parents on what signs to look out for? I think for those who have been brought up in a household without abuse it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint any worrying signs, and kids will usually not say anything and keep it hidden out of guilt or shame.

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Child Grooming
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