Contemporary Crockery? Check out the Chef’s Collection


Moving house is usually a pretty stressful time and whilst our move was just over a year ago, we’re still living out of some boxes.  You see, we need to do some work on the house and decided it was pretty pointless to unpack it all knowing full well that it’d end up being re-boxed in the future.

However, that’s not the case when it came to our kitchen.  You see, the kitchen is the hub of our pad – my favourite place and my hangout.  I get most of my ideas there, and spend plenty time cooking.  Kitchen crockery, utensils and the latest gadgets are a must have and I must admit that I sometimes (*ehem* often) splurge on “must have” items.

But where do I find these wonderful items you ask?  Que – Chefs Collection.  It was by chance that we crossed paths and we discussed a collaboration.  They sent me a few items in return for a review of their website.  The items consisted of an Opinel Spreading Knife, La Rochelle Bee Champagne Flutes and an Andree Jardin Nail Brush.  I’ll talk to you briefly about these items as they’re pretty self-explanatory but all items that my Kitchen (and I) were very grateful.  You see, I’ve never owned a spreading knife before and it has made icing a cake so much easier.  My daughter has had great fun using it, and I’m rest assured with her using it because it is blunt.  The Champagne Flutes are contemporary, sophisticated and clean looking with a pretty bee embossed.  The glass is thick which is refreshing to handle as they’re not as delicate as the other champagne glasses we own.  And the nail brush, can I just say – this one seems to have the softest and finest bristles ever!!  I can’t recommend it enough (if you’re OCD like me when it comes to cleanliness, it really is a must have).

But anyway, back to the Chefs Collection site – filled with the finest cookware and I adore it and I hate to admit it but the procrastination spent lusting over some of their items well, let’s just say it has been hours… the cake tins, the cookie cutters, the pans, the bowls, the teapots, the accessories – – I want it ALL!!  I’ve already got my wish list written down for Christmas.

Have you got yours?

Head over to Chefs Collection to check their full range out.

*Disclaimer – whilst I was gifted some items in return for an article, this is #notanad and my reviews and opinions are entirely my own.