A Perfectly Imperfect Connection


We all find life hard for different reasons and it’s often very complicated to explain, because our lives are built with layer upon layer of experiences, choices,emotions and feelings.
As we grow and evolve people come and go and unless we show the people who come into our lives the layers underneath, they will only ever know us by our top layer, our ‘perfect’, the layer we’ve created to weigh all the others down, the layer that makes us feel more accepted.
We are often so afraid to share our truths for fear of being misunderstood and because when we open up we leave ourselves so very vulnerable. But it is in this space of vulnerability that we inevitably find freedom and true connection. As we reveal our truths to others we are also admitting them to ourselves, understanding where that piece of us went, understanding why we are where we are now, we connect the dots and we free ourselves from the weight of carrying around that part of our life wth us, we accept our story.
I believe true connections are made when we voice the thoughts that we do not say, when we speak our truth. When we transform our feelings into words, because we all want to be accepted in our entirety, the good, the bad and the ugly and deep down we know who we truly are and that if the people who see our truth are still here, we can love freely. It is my belief that these people are our soulmates.
Soulmates are like expert archaeologists, they are able to go beneath the service to uncover our hidden treasures, with a skilful, gentle hand and without unsettling dust. Our soulmates are sent to us to help us to remember who we are and to help us relearn self acceptance, self love and moreover help us to celebrate our uniqueness, they give us courage to own our story.
From my experiences so far, I also believe that we will meet some of our most precious and determined soulmates during motherhood, and I will tell you why I believe this.

Motherhood came as a huge shock to me. It literally took my breathe away. I was not only in shock from a traumatic birth, I was shocked by motherhood and by how my life changed so dramatically over night. I felt like I had been dropped from a great height and now had a giant crack running through my body. Those early days/months of motherhood were some of the most uncomfortable in my life and I would never wish to relive them, however I will be forever grateful for that difficult period of my life and to my precious boy. I believe that he and all is Scorpion energy were sent to sting me and send shock waves to my very core to awaken me to see what was underneath all the layers that I had put on to be able to move through life after my difficult adolescent years and family heartbreak.
If you go into motherhood hard, covered with too many layers, mark my words that your firstborn will crack you open in every sense and if you go onto have a second or third they will hammer and hammer until you accept your truth, because in them you will see glimpses of the person you must be, they will remind you of the person you were before you put your layers on.
We will feel strongly connected with the women that we meet during those early days of motherhood, not only because they will make us feel less alone through the sleep deprivation, teething, colic, the not knowing, but also because you will both see through each other’s cracks, you will allow yourself, probably for the first time, to be vulnerable.
As our children grow and a we progress in the process of shedding layers these women help us bring forth our truth until we get to the stage where we don’t feel as lonely and we don’t feel so disconnected with our selves, to the point where we start to become our own friend again, when we start to be kind to and love ourselves again.
I believe that true healing begins when our inner voice starts to sound like the voices of those precious soulmates that cross our paths, because the only constant in life is that we will spend the rest of it with our selves, the only person you will ever have to listen to for the rest of your live is yourself, and it is only you who full knows and fully feels the deepness of all your layers.
Therefore it is only you who can accept you fully in all your perfect imperfectness.