Product Review – Papinee – The Gift of Imagination


Papinee is an art-toy collective with a very special social mission, to give the world the “Gift of Imagination”.  This collection was inspired by Papinee founder Dev Suj’s mother, who wanted to give her son the gift of storytelling.  After her passing, Dev set out on a mission to create books and toys based on the stories his mother used to tell him and local disadvantaged children.  She called them “Papinees” – a word she coined to make these children feel safe, loved and special.

Hayley and I were fortunate enough to be sent a Monkey Storytelling Kit to review, and I can safely say that it was the source of a great deal of excitement in our household!  As we admired the beautifully embossed gift box, tastefully wrapped up with ribbon, Hayley asked me whether it was her birthday!  She was excited at the thought of opening such a present, and felt so special that it was something just for her.

We carefully unwrapped it together, and were greeted with, in H’s words: “A monkey, a beautiful monkey!”.  She shuffled off to track down her favourite cuddly monkey teddy, as she decided it was only proper that the two were introduced to each other.
The new addition to our little family is called Vani; he’s vibrant, brightly coloured and is covered with intrinsic detail and patterning.  Hayley was immediately drawn to him, and found him enchanting.  We also received an accompanying hardback book along with instructions on how to read it to the relevant age group of the child, which was a lovely and helpful touch.  The images were magical, providing an eye-catching and imaginative introduction to the Mexican jungle and the exoticness of a whole new world compared to our daily lives.

We settled on the sofa, looking forward to spending some quality time together as we explored Mexico – with Vani guiding our way.  Hayley and Vani snuggled, ready to listen and learn.  The book was full of stunning images and colours which really drew H in.  We chatted about the colours, the shapes we saw, the trees, the monkeys and even learnt a little about Mexico.  We talked about travelling there, the climate and Vani’s friends.  We even read the book over and over again and it kept us occupied for the rest of the afternoon.