Capturing the Special Moments – 6 Top Tips for Photographing Your Kids


The term ‘time flies’ takes on a whole new meaning when you have children. One minute you’re marveling over how something so tiny can also be so huge and the next your waving (and crying!) them off on their first day at school. Here at Lifecake we know how important it is to capture, share and store these moments, from those all-important milestones to the little everyday snapshots that might otherwise easily be forgotten about. You can also add family and friends, so they can keep up to date wherever they are.  

We’ve put together 6 of our favourite tips and tricks that you can try next time your snapping away!

1.  Experiment with angles
Something to consider, especially when your photographing babies, is to try taking your shots from a different angle. Try from above, place them safely on your bed or floor or grab a chair and position yourself above their cot. You’ll capture the full essence of their size and shape and they won’t be crawling off dying to explore either!

Once they are a little older and on the move, try going down to their level and seeing the world through their eyes. This may often mean lying on the floor or crawling along.

2.  Capture the everyday
A big part of what Lifecake is all about is capturing not only the extraordinary but the little moments in between. Don’t be afraid to snap the routine things, when they are napping, playing with favourite toys… even the grumpier moments, like a tantrum or feeling poorly. As the years go by, you’ll all love to look back over fashions and recall toys that at one time never left their side.

3.  Light it up
Lighting plays a big part in photography and with a few simple tricks you’ll see some real differences in your photos. Firstly, explore the light in your home. Find spots where light floods in, even on some of the greyer days.  Once you’ve found the perfect spot, make sure you keep your back to the light source, be it the window or patio door with your little ones in front of you looking to the light.

4.  It’s all in the details
The change in your child is obvious, especially when your photographing them from a newborn, but don’t forget to pay attention to the close ups too. Those beautiful eyelashes, those tiny toes or those incredible curly locks that you never want to have cut. 

5.  Make a date
You might need to set yourself a reminder every month, but taking a regular photo of your little one once a month is great way to keep a record of how quickly the grow up. Including their favourite teddy, placing them in the same spot every time or using date reminders to indicate how old they are in each photo adds an extra sentiment to these too. You can also print out posters in the Lifecake print shop, it’s great way to display a year in pictures.

6.  Play time
At some stage, we all experience the reluctant toddler / child who isn’t interested in posing for that photograph. Making the time feel a little more special can often get them out of that state, make it feel like play and not an order to stand still. Sometimes the best photographs are captured when children are in their own little world playing… try this out, you’ll be surprised at the results.

Let us know if you try any of these tips, we’d love to hear how you get on!

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