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Are we afraid of the Mess?!

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Till a few weeks ago, whenever my almost three-year-old daughter asked me if she can play with certain things like water colors, paint or even play doh, I always used to say a big NO.

I used to worry about the carpet stains, marks on the walls and the general mess around the house. If you are like me, you would say no too. But do we really need to be afraid of the mess?

Cake time

Recently, my child asked me to bake a cake as her friend's mom made it last week. I thought sure, why not, and looked up the recipe online.

My favorite All Recipes's Victoria Sponge Cake came to the rescue and I went about getting all the ingredients out of our pantry. Then my daughter asked me if she can help me bake the cake.

Since she asked for the cake in the first place, I said okay and sat her up on the kitchen counter. When I was mixing the necessary items for cake batter, my child said, “Mom, why don't you add some bananas and chocolate syrup to it?”

I was new to baking and did not know if that would work for the cake. But still I wanted to humor my daughter and went ahead with the banana and chocolate syrup addition. She even “helped” me with the batter by using her little hands to help me mix it.

The cake turned out to be super yum and we were raring to repeat the recipe again. My daughter was delighted. Not just that the cake was delicious, but that she had a part in the baking.

That got me thinking. My daughter was very creative, all she needed was a small chance to show her skills. Even I did not know about all that she could do with her tiny brain.

Let it go!

What was I so afraid of? The mess is all manageable. It just needs more organisation on my part.

I realized that I can give her paints, play doh or any other harmless child-safe thing she asks to make her happy and enjoy her playtime. I just had to put a little work to cover the carpet, look out for any accidental wall-smears with paint and all that.

A single  trip to Walmart took care of all the plastic sheets I needed to create a easily cleanable safe-mess zone in her play area 🙂

If you are like me, guess you can relax now too mama 🙂

This festive season let us gift our kids a free play time and make them happy.

Wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Priyadarshini Rajendran is a family travel blogger with a love for veggie food and good books. Glorious Sunrise is her Travel, Food and Books blog. She lives with her two little ones and husband in California.

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