Baby on the Brain


Do you ever have that conversation of ‘we will have a baby, but not right now as we’ve got’ and continue to list all of the things that are making your life manic? So did I, then two weeks later we found out I was six weeks pregnant.

I’ve always been someone who has a lot going on, I like being busy. I worked through my undergraduate degree and kept up a long-distance relationship so was in and out of the airport like nobody’s business. After graduating I moved country, started a Master’s degree and worked full-time. For some reason I thought that wasn’t busy enough so threw a spanner in the works and ended up in Australia for a semester of my Master’s, studying long-distance.

There I am, in Australia, a load of reading and writing to get on with for my Master’s, manoeuvring my way around a new city half-way around the world, trying to find a job and a place to live for myself and D. Then bam, I’m pregnant, six weeks. How did that happen?
Hectic. That’s the word for it. But also; busy, sweaty and amazing. Sweaty because it was my first-trimester in the summer of Australia. I’m an Irish girl through and through, the heat is my frenemy. I got knocked side-ways by it, struggled with my energy levels but did I let that stop me? Hell no! I visited as many places as I could in Melbourne, I even wrote a post on my favourite spots.
My favourites being 1,000 steps walk, Great Ocean Road and our trip to Tasmania.

Now I’m back in the UK, I’m living with D’s family, working full time again, studying my Master’s and in my second-trimester. I’ve got family back home begging me to come visit and D is still in Australia for two months.

D is home, we move into our new apartment three weeks later, I end my full-time temp job, I get another within a week, we’re unpacking and trying to make our new place feel like home. I’m about six months pregnant now. We start focusing on the baby to come and what to buy.
It’s June, the end of my classes for my Masters, a trip home to Dublin for a baby shower and back again. I’m in full blown dissertation writing mode, nearly 20,000 words. I’m determined to get it written before the baby arrives. Due date: 26th July.