The Internet will see you now: Almost 40% of Brits turn to the Internet for advice on their child’s health


New research, conducted by on-demand health service Qured, has found that looking up symptoms online is the first port of call for over a third of Brits when either they, or their children, become ill, with women being the most likely to turn to the Internet. The study also revealed that 73% of people admit to going online to check symptoms when they’re unsure what the problem may be before contacting a doctor, with one in five looking up their childrens’ symptoms before visiting their doctor.

Women are most likely to worry about their child’s health more than their own with 72% stating they would take their child to a doctor with symptoms they would dismiss if they were experiencing them themselves. Unsurprisingly, the study revealed that searching online can lead to heightened health concerns; 50% of respondents stated that researching symptoms is the top cause of worry in regards to their health. This kind of behaviour has led to a rise in cases of ‘cyberchondria’ – a form of anxiety experienced after looking up symptoms online.

This could be a result of social media platforms and forums increasingly becoming a source of medical advice for time-pressed individuals, who are discouraged from seeing a doctor by long waiting times. In fact, the majority of 25-34 year olds (60%) stated that lack of access to GP appointments stops them from visiting a doctor as regularly as they would like, with 33% looking up their symptoms before booking an appointment.

Dr. Amy Bibby from Qured, stated:
“The amount of people turning to the Internet to search for answers to health concerns is worrying to say the least. Especially when you consider people are getting information from platforms such as Facebook which are being used in replacement of NHS-approved websites, it’s no wonder people get anxious about their child’s health and experience forms of ‘cyberchondria’ when there’s so much information out there that could be misleading or simply just wrong. It is important to seek the right advice, preferably with a face-to-face diagnosis.”

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