How to start a business from home as an expat


Being an expat mom in a country where you don´t speak the language is not easy. We moved to Germany when I was pregnant and I admit it, German is not an easy language to learn. I became a stayed home mom with my girl. I had always been working in my home country and I was very active, therefore staying at home without working was something I had to get used to. I wanted to find something to do but with the language barrier I felt like I had limitations.

As mothers, we multitask like a boss. A mother is a homemaker who does all the household chores – laundry, dishes, meals, and more. She is a doctor who has miraculously healing hands and lips that kiss the pain away. She is a teacher who guides children in learning lessons that they can learn inside and outside the classroom. She is a police officer who keeps the peace and order at home. The list goes on and on. However, one significant addition is that a mother can be a successful business owner too and she does not have to leave home to do that.

Use your background.
I had a fitness background that I decided to use. After all, fitness and healthy lifestyle has always been a passion and interest of mine. That is how I created ( ) I used my background that I had in bikini fitness competitions and I started learning more about health, nutrition and post pregnancy exercising. At first, I started doing online coaching for women in my country thru Facebook and Skype. Then I joined Expat community groups and introduced myself as a fitness expert. I had the opportunity to do group fitness classes in English. Later on, after learning what my targeted audience wanted I created an Online Fitness Program Tailored for busy moms that wanted to get fit post pregnancy.

Find out what you are good at.
Get financial freedom with freelancing. With the existence of numerous legit freelancing sites, you can surely find one that works great according to your needs and preferences. All you need are some skills, a computer, and an internet connection. Freelancing allows you to work whenever you want to or whenever you can as long as you meet the deadline that you and your client agreed on. Freelancing skills that get paid include writing, graphic design, virtual assistant services, research writing, website administration, app or software development, and more.

Do you have a passion or talent that the world needs to know about?
Maybe passion for fashion through jewelry making. You can create your own jewelry as well as other accessories and sell them online. As long as you have the skills or some time and energy to learn to make accessories, then you can give it a try. You can send your creations to different websites including Etsy or on Amazon Handmade. If you are gifted with musical talents – singing or playing a musical instrument, you can offer lessons at home. Most in demand lessons are voice lessons, piano lessons, and guitar lessons. This way, you can earn money while doing something that you love to do and without leaving the comforts of your own home and without leaving your kids behind.

Gardening Gigs.
Depends where you live and if you are one of those who is really good with gardening, you can offer seminars to help others learn more on how to start taking care opf their garden. Being an expat from Iceland moving to a warmer country like Germany I had to take a gardening class! I had no idea how to plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs…

Join Expat communities.
There are expat groups on Facebook for every country and maybe there is a group for your City! Be sure to network with other expats.

Sylvia Donchev is an expat entrepreneur from Iceland. With a passion for helping moms achieve their goals so they can live a life of their dreams. She blogs about her expat and fitness journey on her website Sylviafitness

She can also be found on social media:  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.