Pi Pizza – Date Night Review


Like most parents, date night in our household tends to be a rarity,. So when we were presented with an invitation to review Pi Pizza, I jumped out my chair and leapt for joy. No really, I did.

As a huge lover of carbs, specifically Pizza, the sound of this place already ticked the box. Throw in Vegan Tuesday’s for the hubs (he’s an aspiring vegan, y’know), a flower ceiling, gorgeous decor and you’ve hit the jackpot before arriving. The only catch, the restaurant is located on the other side of London, in Battersea. Was it worth the hour drive? In short, hell yes.

Quality time with my husband has been so hard to come by recently due to the launch of his new business venture and when we do spend time together it tends to revolve around our parenting tactics and ends in some sort of criticism to how one of us has responded over the latest toddler meltdown.
The topic of H and parenting was banned as we embarked on our journey.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the smell of fresh pizza being baked and our bellies began to rumble as we were escorted to our table. We walked past the first part of the restaurant which had a bar, high tables and a beautiful floral ceiling into a large room (with a tree as the centre piece) at the back for a more formal dinner setting. The place was heaving with such a lovely atmosphere. It was modern, clean and cosy.

As a huge lover of cocktails, I was equally excited to be presented with a menu with plenty to choose from. We both ordered drinks we’d never normally go for and thoroughly enjoyed them.

The choice of pizzas on the menu was endless and the best part is you could choose half and half or halves and thirds. We decided to go for the pizza for one option (we’re not good sharers) and I ordered from both the regular menu and the vegan menu. Melt in the mouth delicious.

I had the Garlic, chilli, balsamic roasted aubergines with aged parmesan on one half and the mushroom truffle medley, porcini cream with brown cap mushrooms, garlic and thyme on the other half. My husband went fully vegan and chose the garlic, chilli, balsamic roasted aubergine, new tomatoes, courgette, vegan pesto, pine nuts and basil on one half and the mushroom truffle medley on the other side.
Best pizza I’ve ever had.

Although stuffed, we decided it would be rude not to have desert and ended up sharing the Eton Mess. Equally yum and devoured in 2 minutes flat.  We chatted, laughed and had such a needed night out that we are so grateful!

In summary, Pi pizza really is a fantastic place to head to on date night or with a group of friends. The service is fantastic and all taste buds are catered for. It’s safe to say, we will be back with friends, for sure!

Thank you for having us, Pi Pizza!