The H movement is born…


My daughter continues to blow me away on a daily basis.  But this literally blew everything out the water and feeling exceptionally proud, this mama is wanting to scream from  the roof tops to share what she is planning.  A movement.  An act of kindness, to help others and pay it forward.  I guess it all started when she attended a kids club session at a hotel in Hampshire a few weeks back.  She made a keychain.

Lets fast forward to now.  She asked me to purchase the same kit so that she could continue to make them for friends and family.  And then today…  She had an idea.  Continually feeling helpless when seeing homeless people, H has always requested I “buy them a house.”  We settle for a sandwich or drink normally.  So when she blurted it out earlier, it was nothing short of genius.  She asked if we could start to “do an act of kindness.”

Her idea, to make free keychains with a word on them for whoever asks – on the condition that they purchase a homeless person a drink or meal.  All keychains will be made by H (with a little bit of help from me unless she loses patience in which case a lot of help from me) and she just asks you to help a homeless person.

Full video here:

Please a little patient to receive due to demand & school starting soon..

I’m just a mum trying to show my 5 year old girl that her visions can become a reality.  I value her ideas and will do my best to support them.
*I’m not sure how financially viable this is but we will do our best.  If you are located quite far from us, we may charge postage.  And depending on how much demand there is, depends on how long we can continue with this project.