Top Tips for Stress Management


Life seems to be going faster than ever before and it’s so hard to disconnect sometimes.  We recently spoke to some of you and asked for your top tips for managing stress and switching off.

Here are your Top Ten.

  1. Exercise – Physical activities can help take your mind off worries, lower stress levels and relieve your mood.  Zumba, Boxing, Running were the top mentioned.
  2. Declutter – Tidying your space, your social media accounts, your email inbox, your wardrobe.  By doing these things you’re breaking a cycle and can be quite a cathartic way to help you reduce stress.
  3. Tea – Have a cup of tea and some chocolate.   But make sure you’re sitting whilst doing it (without looking at your phone is preferable).
  4. You Time – When was the last time you spoilt yourself?  Go offline.  Book a massage, go for a long walk, purchase a small bunch of flowers, pick up a book and read.  It doesn’t need to be costly but making time for yourself is so important.
  5. Mediation Apps  Use Calm or Headspace to help you instils mindfulness and practice your breathing.
  6. Sing / Dance – Crank up the radio and sing as loud as you can whilst dancing.   Let it all out.  It is so liberating, trust me!
  7. Therapy – It’s good to talk and of course understand yourself better.  Internal battles are often swept under a rug but working through your emotions really does wonders.
  8. Yoga – It had been proven that not only does Yoga relax the mind, it teaches us to breathe better which in turn can change the way we live 😉
  9. Nature – Get out into nature, go for a walk, listen to a podcast or just start up gardening.  Apparently pulling weeds, pruning shrubs and planting seeds gives us a new sense of focus and puts one in control.
  10. Cook – Whilst whipping up a dish, you’re not only encouraging your creative side you’re promised a good meal afterward!  Invite friends round to share it and you’re in for a night of de-stress and laughter.

If all else fails, you can always put the kids on eBay 😉