Tortilla chain launches pulled Jackfruit (no porkies)


Rich, juicy and 100% vegan-friendly, Tortilla’s new Jackfruit packs a punch – and arrives at the perfect time.  They’ve combinded their classic blend of Tortilla flavours with an exotic ingredient that is fresh, different and tasty.

After being asked for a premium veggie option for a while, Tortilla took time to develop the product for their customers wanted to diversify their menu with a tasty meat-free option for everyone, no matter the dietary preference.

The new jackfruit is available to order atop all dishes: burritos, naked burrito bowls, tacos, nachos and quesadillas, nationwide.  And trust us when we say it’s delicious.  We were lucky enough to road test it at the Emma Hollingsworth’s X Tortilla Event last night.