When Loves at Steak…


Hands down, one of my favourite companies to collaborate with is Asda.  They’re wonderful to work with – the campaigns are pretty genius and the events they host are EPIC.  (And just an FYI, I’m not being paid to say this).

Last week, I attended their “When Loves at Steak” cookery event and couldn’t wait to share  some great tips on how to cook Steak thanks to the brilliant DJ BBQ.  If you’re anything like me and a carnivore at heart, then you need to read this (apologies to all veggies and vegans in advance):

*  Impress your friends with a Smacked Rib-eye, quite literally smack the steak hard with a frying pan on both sides – not only does this increases the surface area, it’s also a great stress reliever!!

*  Steaks don’t cook to time – they cook to temperature.  Have a thermometer handy and probe at the thickest part.  If you’re like me and like it medium rare, then you need to wait until the steak has reached a temperature of 48-49°C.  Take it off the heat and leave to rest… the temperature will still go up whilst resting.

*  If you’re cooking in a pan, massage some oil into the steak, rather than heating it in the pan prior to cooking.  Sear the steak on both sides as well as around the edges.  This helps the fat break down and bring more flavour into the meat.

*  Always season your steak after you remove it from the heat – this prevents the pepper from burning whilst it’s being cooked.

*  Want to create a really delicious seasoning with very little time to spare?  Take some salt, crush some garlic, mix together and sprinkle over a cooked steak.  YUM.

*  Serve with fries, salad or DJ BBQ’s famous tomato pie which literally consists of day old bread, mayo, grated cheese, tomatoes and a gulp of Worcestershire sauce!
Full video tutorial and recipe can be found here.

Enjoy! x